May 17th - June 7th

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May 17th



Born in Hollywood, California, 1952, Tom
Christopher studied art at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. In 1981
Christopher moved to New York City. The urban setting remains the
central subject of his art.

The New York skyscrapers, yellow cabs,
bike-riders and city wanderers captured in Christopher’s paintings are
constructed to reveal the distinctive city lights, consisting of a mixture of
natural sunlight and artificial neon illumination. Christopher’s use of vivid colors
and expressive brushstrokes create a great sense of the city’s dynamic movement
and its natural vibrant ambience.

Although Christopher’s painting style is
primarily representational, the artist playfully deforms some images by
applying unnatural colors, unfixed focal point, and tilted lines. This
deliberate deconstruction reveals the uncertainty and tension that a
fast-moving metropolitan city holds beneath its bright outlook.

Christopher’s artworks are held in numerous
prestigious collections including the Butler Museum of American Art, the Museum
of the City of New York, CBS Inc., and Time Warner Inc.

During the 1990s, Christopher was commissioned
to create large mural paintings at Rockefeller Center and in Times Square. His
painting of the World Trade Center created soon after September 11, 2001,
resonated strongly with the American people. As a result, Christopher’s
painting was purchased by the Museum of the City of New York. His position as a
leading American painter was further enhanced when the Butler Museum of
American Art held his solo exhibition in 2008.

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